Coen Brothers’ Good Guys & Bad Guys Philosophy Indexed to their Filmography

I have indexed all the Coen Brothers movies (I have seen so far) according to their good guys & bad guys philosophy.  Can you help fill in the blanks if you have a point of view?


YearFilmGood Guys & Bad Guys Philosophy
2013Inside Llewyn Davis
The World is a harsh place & doesn’t care if you are good or bad if you want to win
2010True GritPartial victory for good guys
2009A Serious ManGood guys lose
2008Burn After ReadingIt doesn’t really matter who wins in the end
2007Chacun son
 cinéma: "World Cinema" segment
2007No Country
 for Old Men
Bad guys win
2006Paris, je t'aime:
 "Tuileries" segment
2003Intolerable Cruelty
 Man Who Wasn't There
2000O Brother,
 Where Art Thou?
1998The Big Lebowski
1998The Naked Man
1996FargoBad guys lose
1994The Hudsucker ProxyGood guys win
1991Barton Fink
1990Miller's Crossing
1987Raising Arizona
1984Blood SimpleGood Guys or Bad Guys don’t really know if they
 won or lost